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National Preparedness Month is a Great Time to Connect with Screening Clients

This month, September 2013, marks the 10th Annual National Preparedness Month. Sponsored by FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security, National Preparedness Month is a nationwide campaign encouraging individuals, families, businesses and communities to work together and take action to prepare for the unexpected.

What does National Preparedness Month have to do with background screening?

Three things:

  • First, what a great time to offer education to your Clients to help improve their organization’s risk management processes.

  • Second, what a great time to review with your Clients the background screening package and new products available to their organization. After all, we provide one of the most important risk management tools available to an organization.

  • Third, take a look at yourself. Have you reviewed your own company’s disaster preparedness plan lately?   

First, each of us determines the type of relationship we have with our Clients. Maybe you haven’t been in the habit of educating Clients. My opinion has always been that it is very easy to replace an order taker but very hard to replace a trusted partner. Prior to working within the background screening industry, my experience included the managing of risk for a regional organization. I spent hours each week preparing our locations for the “what if’s” in life! Typically, small business owners and human resource managers don’t have the time or energy to devote to research. They find a few trusted partners and rely on them to provide education and advice on various topics. I learned early in my career that I had vendors and I had partners. Becoming a trusted partner with each Client can ensure a long-term relationship with shared benefits.  

Second, this month is a perfect time to begin educating organizations on the vast benefits of properly managing risk through comprehensive background screening. Do you have a schedule to speak with each Client regarding their background screening package and any recommendations that you may have? Do your Clients know about the newest services offered through our FRS software suite? This month is an ideal time to update and communicate your background screening proposals to various industries within your Client base.

Third, what would your company do in an emergency situation? Do you have a contingency plan in order to continue providing the high level of service your Clients have come to expect? National Preparedness Month serves as a good reminder that we all have a responsibility in protecting our Clients, their organizations and employees through consistent, accurate and timely background checks. Begin creating your own disaster preparedness plan to ensure a smooth recovery if a natural disaster was to strike. After all, government statistics show that 43% of businesses that close after a natural disaster never reopen. Of those that stay open, 29% will close within two years. Following the steps below is a good starting point in creating your own preparedness plan:

  • Review all insurance plans

  • Have a Plan B for personnel

  • Back up your data

  • Prepare to replace equipment

  • Make sure you can forward calls

I hope this article helps in creating dialogue during the 10th Annual National Preparedness Month.

Kris Kohler, guest blogger here at

Kris Kohler is Vice President of InfoQuest Background Screening, a Preferred Partner with FRS. Founded in 1993, InfoQuest is celebrating twenty years of assisting organizations in making smart hiring decisions with prompt, fact-filled background screening solutions. You can connect with Kris on LinkedIn or visit for more information.


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