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FRS PASST on-line Service
The FRS PASST™ on-line service consists of an automated XML interface through the FRS Services to retrieve the PASST social trace report. PASST™ is an acronym for our "Previous Address Social Security Tracker". This powerful tool will quickly search a database of over20 Billion records for previous addresses and other identifying information about an applicant. The search is processed automatically through the FRS Automation Server and the report is retrieved instantaneously through an XML interface without the need for any user intervention. Each applicant's previous address report is populated back into FRS and is ready to view, report back to the client or process in a variety of ways.
There are NO system upgrade or setup fees required to use this service. The only charges required with this service are the standard research fees which are specified in Addendum A of the FRS Services Usage Agreement (see I. Signing up for and obtaining your FRS Services account section below).
How it Works:
All applicable Social Trace requests are processed directly through the FRS Web Services by the FRS Automation Server running in your office with a broadband Internet connection. The PASST results are retrieved then posted directly into the Social Trace results fields for the appropriate subjects. Then, FRS sets the Social Trace Profile to the Completed Status. It is very quick and efficient, and requires no extra data entry on your part within FRS.
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