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Form I-9 Compliance Integration

The Form I-9 Compliance integration is built into and processed by your clients through the eClientLink web pages. In FRS, you will configure the Electronic Form I-9 and/or the EVP searches by assigning each as one of your Main-Level Other Search Types. Each of these can be configured as client-specific searches, allowing you to only enable this for certain web clients.


Up at the eClientLink pages, those clients for whom this is enabled will see several options available to allow them to process these searches. On the “Main” page, they will be provided with a Form I-9 Compliance link which will take them to a web page providing a complete array of Form I-9 and EVP processing options and reports. Also, under the “Results” page, all completed searches for these clients will have [I-9] and/or [EVP] links to which your clients can click to start a new Electronic Form I-9 and/or EVP where the pertinent subject information will be carried over to start these processes without requiring your client to re-key them.


Then, as your clients complete these forms through these on-line services, Form I-9 Compliance will send a notification to one of the FRS web services indicating their intent to invoice you for those processes. The FRS Automation Server has been programmed to poll this web service and when these invoicing indicators have been posted by Form I-9 Compliance, they will be picked up and used to trigger your FRS software to create an entry in your FRS system for the purpose of billing these services back to your clients.




Our I-9 Automation is an E-Verify selected Agents, discharged for our clients is completely an Electronic I-9 resolution will be hosted as SaaS (Software As A Service) with SSN Encryption/Decryption exploitation
- Reddy Mudiam
1:43am on Thursday 27th November 2014