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FRS DataLinX on-line Service
The FRS DataLinX on-line service provides an automated XML interface through FRS to a variety of on-line information providers. The FRS DataLinX module provides direct access to the following providers and the listed products. (RC) 
Comprehensive Criminal search
Comprehensive Lite Crim search
National Sex Offender Registry search
Comprehensive Single-State Criminal search
Security Watchlist search
PASST+Comprehensive Search
National Background Data (NBD) 
COPS Multi-State Criminal search
Multi-State Sex Offender search
CrimWatch (COPS with periodic re-checks)
COPS Single-State Criminal search
GlobalReport Terrorist search
GlobalPlus Report
Volunteer Check
National Registry Eviction Search
Innovative Enterprises 
NCIS - National Criminal Information Scan
I-Med Levels 1, 2 and 3 Healthcare Sanctions
Assured Tenant Eviction Search
FACIS (Government Management Solutions
Level 1 (OIG and GSA) Healthcare Sanctions
Level 2 (OIG, GSA and one state’s Medical Board) Healthcare Sanctions
Level 3 (OIG, GSA and all 50 state’s Medical Boards) Healthcare Sanctions
FRS Homeland Security Search
This information source, which is provided through the FRS Services, is a search of 135+ national and international Terrorist, Fugitive and Debarment lists.
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