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Post-Hire Screening to Grow in 2015
In a recent article published at SHRM.ORG entitled Know Before You Hire: 2015 Employment Screening Trends, the author cited six different expectations regarding the screening industry that will evolve in 2015.  One of those predictions discussed was "Post-Hire Screenings to Protect Against Insider Threats Will Grow".  The author mentions the 2013 Navy Yard Shootings as well as the Morgan Stanley insider hack as support of this prediction.  There are many other similar cases known in our industry that point to the need for continued monitoring of the criminal and other records of employees during their employment even after the initial pre-hire background check has been conducted.
Some of the common background re-checks that are performed as part of a post-hire screening plan include criminal checks, motor vehicle checks, credit reports (where applicable), professional licensing checks and a variety of debarment list checks.  For example, if a group of employees drive company vehicles, regular motor vehicle record checks using the employee's driver licenses should be performed regularly.  If an employee is cited with a DWI, is involved in multiple accidents or has a "lead foot" problem in their off-time, this could create huge liability issues for an employer if this same person is driving a company vehicle with this type of history.  As another example, in the healthcare industry, regular checks of healthcare sanction debarment lists and re-verification of current professional licensure will remain extremely important for the protection of an employer, its customers and the healthcare patients.
Many of the national database providers that supply the screening industry are answering the demand for background re-checks and either have, or are in development of, a monitoring solution aimed to solve this growing need in the screening industry.  These new products are designed to perform weekly or monthly re-checks on all subjects, that were hired and still employed,  to determine if any new criminal activity has been reported since their original background check was performed.  Three of the business partners to FRS (RapidCourt.Com, Innovative Enterprises and CoreLogic) each are working to strengthen their offerings in this area of criminal history monitoring.
We at FRS have also been witness to this growing trend.  Several years ago, based on client demand, we implemented a standard feature in the FRS software for background re-checks.  With this feature, the users of FRS can extract historical search records based on a unique set of criteria and queue those up for submission to run a post-hiring screen on the current employees of each of their clients, as needed or requested, utilizing any recurring period that each of their clients desire.  This feature also provides the capability for the HR department of their client to review past searches to approve and/or remove subjects no longer employed there to ensure an accurate re-check process is run.
Post-hire screenings indeed are very important.  Just because an applicant came up clear during the hiring process, it does not mean that they have been an absolutely good, upstanding citizen during their off-hours ever since their hiring.  Every business should develop a background re-check policy that fits their needs, have it reviewed by legal counsel and remember that it still must fit under the FCRA laws and EEOC guidelines.  The policy should be inclusive and not discriminate against any employees or class of employees (such as by race or age) to ensure that the employer is continuing to conduct background checks within the guidelines of the many laws governing them.  
Philip L. Chapman
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