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FRS Version 6.60 Delivers My Verifications Feature

With the full release of FRS version 6.60, the development team at Imagination Technologies has stayed true in their commitment to the screening companies utilizing FRS to provide all of the tools necessary to operate more efficiently than their competition. One of the key operational enhancements made in this latest version of FRS is the MyVerifications feature.

The MyVerifications feature provides a powerful interface with the tools needed to allow FRS sites to assign and process verifications in an extremely efficient and streamlined manner. This powerful tool delivers an instant view of all outstanding employment, education, professional license and "other" verifications with features to assign these to researchers and quickly edit verifications by going directly to the verification editing screens. MyVerifications allows for users, verifiers, and managers to see an overview of all verifications that are incomplete and/or unassigned, with numerous features to enhance your ability to manage this aspect of your business.

FRS Version 6.60 brought many other robust capabilities to the FRS community. This includes the further enhancing of the auto-assignment features of the PASST report. The client level settings for the PASST report have been expanded to allow for a combination of the Maximum number of years and Maximum number of counties to search, along with the ability to assign Federal searches in the same way. One other feature that has been added in this release is the ability to email Invoices and Billing Lists directly to your clients rather than printing them out to be mailed.