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FRS Version 6.50 Includes FRS DataLinx for Even More Instant Access

The release of FRS version 6.50 brings further enhancements to the powerful features of FRS and continues to build upon the XML connectivity of the system. The cornerstone enhancement of this release is the addition of the FRS DataLinX Module.

The FRS DataLinX module greatly expands the direct links to information sources within the FRS suite of background screening solutions and is provided through a joint effort with Government Management Services (FACIS), Insight America and National Background Data (NBD). FRS links directly via XML to the secure web services provided by these companies to quickly and efficiently process National Criminal Index, Multi-State Sex Offender and Healthcare Sanction searches.

Using the latest technologies, the FRS DataLinX module is seamlessly integrated into FRS to provide for ease-of-use, simplified setup, flexible utilization and totally hands-off, instantaneous access to this information through the powerful FRS Automation Server. This XML interface provides our clients with an immediate reduction in their labor requirements, as well as a tremendous improvement in the turnaround time for the delivery of these searches to their clients.

Version 6.50 also includes enhancements to the FRS PASST report, the Business Productivity Analysis, the FRS MVR X-Change, and the billing and financial reporting capabilities of the system. In addition, since the users of FRS have varying needs for management reports, FRS has now been equipped with the new "MyReports" option. This new option allows the FRS development team to quickly roll out custom management reports to meet the requirements of the FRS community and assist them in further tracking financial and operational performance.