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FRS LinXml is Released

Utilizing the powerful technology available in the FRS.NeXT platform, Imagination Technologies has further enhanced the XML capabilities of FRS through a powerful integration tool, the FRS LinXML module (pronounced links • M • L). This powerful feature equips the FRS system for data interchange by providing XML capabilities for the exchange of background screening requests and results through the Internet.

The integration capabilities of LinXML provide the tools needed to accept and import orders from your clients that can cover all of the background screening search types that you provide. Once completed, a variety of FRS options are available to seamlessly deliver these results back to your clients.

The FRS LinXml module provides a complete, detailed XML Schema along with our highly secure Web Service through the gateway. The FRS LinXML "Web Service" is fully secured with 128-bit encryption and multiple levels of authentication for the secure, totally-automated transfer of background requests and results through the Internet.

"The FRS LinXML module is another example of the many innovations available in the FRS platform", stated Phil Chapman, president of Imagination Technologies. "At Imagination Technologies, we leverage the latest XML and Web Services technologies to help provide our clients with the tools they need to ensure that their competitive advantage is the sharpest in the industry."