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Partnership with Form I-9 Compliance Delivers Electronic I-9 Form and eVerify Solution to the FRS Community

Due to the implications of the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), the FRS development team realized the importance of providing an integrated solution to better facilitate the processing of I-9 Forms and the federal government’s eVerify Program (EVP) which allows employers to quickly and accurately verify new employees’ legal right to work. Form I-9 Compliance, LLC was the logical partner to deliver an efficient and affordable solution to the companies utilizing FRS.

Form I-9 Compliance is the first federally-approved Designated Agent of the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration for Form I-9 employment verifications. Their proprietary system and software integration with the federal government’s eVerify Program will allow FRS users to quickly and accurately verify a new employees’ legal right to work, as well as better manage the I-9 Forms their clients are required to maintain.

Through the eClientLink, the services of Form I-9 Compliance are readily available and extremely simple for the users of FRS to offer to their clients. With the ability to process Electronic Form I-9 and EVP searches directly from the eClientLink’s "Results" listing a significant amount of the data entry required to process these services is eliminated. With a Form I-9 Control Panel accessible from the main page of the eClientLink we have delivered a complete turn-key solution which allows you to easily provide these services to your entire client base. To even further enhance the functionality of this service, our integrations team has the ability to program unique back-end solutions to meet any of your client's special Form I-9 processing needs.