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FRS Releases InstaCrim for Automated Criminal Court Record Retrieval

As more court systems throughout the country move to offer criminal records online, the challenge for today's background check companies is how to quickly and effectively search these records? The team at FRS is excited to announce that they now have the ANSWER - InstaCrim!

The FRS InstaCrim module meets the challenge of searching on-line criminal records head-on by delivering instant access to a vast majority of court websites that are available today for automated retrieval of criminal and federal court records. This new FRS integrated solution is provided with a huge array of tools that enhance operational efficiency to improve your criminal research processing capabilities, lower your costs and reduce your turnaround times. In the initial release of InstaCrim, FRS is equipped to provide Automated access to:

·         More than 30% of the counties in the U.S.

·         13 of the 50 statewide searches in the U.S.

·         Automated Federal searches for all 50 States and the U.S. territories

·         Plus, we are adding more court sites each month

At the core of the InstaCrim module is the Intelli-Hits Review Tool. This powerful new feature in FRS is designed specifically to manage the reviewing of potential "Hits" that are obtained electronically from the many integrations that FRS provides including InstaCrim. All hits are displayed in an easy to use scrolling list which shows important hit details to allow you to better process these results and determine which hits are actually for the subject you are researching. A detailed snap-shot of each criminal case is also readily available to allow you to review all of the information provided by the court system to assist in identifying if you indeed have a match on your subject. Once you determine that a criminal record is for the subject of your search, one mouse click and it is saved, ready for reporting to your client! And if you prefer, additional features are provided to make it extremely simple to send any potential hits to an outside researcher for verification.

InstaCrim also comes with an incredible set of Name-Matching and DOB-Matching technologies to provide an extremely accurate and fully automated search. Through the thousands of hours of testing conducted by our staff, clients and business partners, we have fine-tuned this matching technology to be so detailed and comprehensive that some search combinations could take a person more than half-an-hour to achieve the same level of search provided by the InstaCrim technology.

With the powerful tools built into InstaCrim module, this means...

·         No more logging into online court systems

·         No more of the tedious process of sorting through possible records

·         No more typing of search results into the final background check report

“The background screening market is highly competitive and technology must be leveraged in order to effectively compete. The InstaCrim solution and our other leading-edge tools empower the FRS community to operate on a level far above their competitors, allowing them to win more business!”, stated Phil Chapman, President of FRS. “Depending upon the geographical location of their customers and the criminal jurisdictions they search most, our clients will find that they have the potential to save 25-65% on their criminal research costs once they begin utilizing InstaCrim. These realized savings will result in increased profitably for our clients and place them in better position to negotiate price in a highly competitive market.”