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FRS Announces Launch of Taleo ATS Integration to Help Clients Attract New Business

Leading background screening integration solutions provider, FRS, announces the launch of its Taleo integration.  The new solution assists background screening companies in attracting more of their clients’ business by giving them a tool to  increase their own efficiency and sales. The integration to Taleo joins a long list of other integrated solutions from FRS that are designed to increase the profitability and efficiency of background screening companies.  With direct integrations to more than 20 different applicant tracking systems, FRS leads the pack in providing its clients with the most ATS integrations available on one software platform.

The development of the Taleo integration is a result of the relationship that FRS has with some of the most recognized companies in this industry.  Background screening companies can use the new solution to help their own clients become more efficient while building their business at the same time.  Since so many screening firms employ the use of FRS solutions to conduct their background screening, this newest applicant tracking solution will encourage more of these companies and their clients to integrate with each other’s systems, promoting more business for both parties.

 “The inception of a background check begins with a candidate's application, so HR recruiters who can execute faster in accurately qualifying their very best candidates gain a huge advantage in the hiring process.  We believe that by making the Taleo ATS integration available to FRS Background Screeners, we increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the background screening process by seamlessly connecting HR to the vast FRS information-rich network that has been refined over almost two decades.” said Phil Chapman, FRS President.

In addition to helping background screening companies and their clients work together more effectively, FRS allows screening firms to customize each of their client's orders and billing packages on a per-client basis. This new Taleo integration encourages other clients to connect with the FRS system, resulting in business growth for these companies.  FRS' Taleo solution is easy to install and comes with setup guides designed for screening companies as well as their clients to make the integration process as smooth as possible.