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FRS Applicant Management Center: Clients are Loving It!

Since the advent of most Applicant Tracking Systems in the late 1990s, opinions and levels of client satisfaction have varied widely and that is still the case today. Of course, each vendor would be quick to point out the positive aspects and perceived benefits of their system, however, the only thing that truly matters is the experience of their clients (HR recruiters) and other users (Job applicants).

Recently, we asked some of our clients to provide feedback regarding their experience with the FRS Applicant Management Center (AMC). Here’s what a couple of them they had to say:

We have been using the AMC version 2.0 for several months now and our clients have found it to be a real asset in their screening processes.  The ability to meet state specific regulatory requirements was a great enhancement and the clients love the new e-sign functionality.  Having the digital disclosure and release document automatically attach within FRS is a huge time saver for our processing staff as well.  The AMC 2.0 has been a great investment for us.” Jerry Nielson, President,  TruDiligence

“I am very impressed with the Applicant Tracking System offered through FRS. Not only does it give my clients a more cost-effective choice compared to large ATS companies, it offers ease of use and efficiency.  It features an at-a-glance, color-coded format with easy to access detailed information that is just a click away, all from the simple to navigate dashboard. Great job to the team at FRS!” Jen Adams, Vice President, Mind Your Business, Inc.

Since simplicity of getting started and being able to quickly and easily set up a new client is of the utmost importance, we posed that question, as well.

"Setting up a new Client with the Applicant Management Center 2.0 was surprisingly easy! Follow the instructions explained in the FRS Users Guide / End Users Guide. FRS has given us step-by-step directions and didn't skip any details. You'll be just as excited as I was once you see how easy it is to get started with this tool!" Kris Kohler, SPHR, Vice President, InfoQuest Background Screening Services

These comments are representative and typify what all of our AMC 2.0 clients have shared with us, thus far. If you don’t have the Applicant Management Center but would like to learn more about it, please contact Nichole Disser at 704.282.2320 or