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FRS Implements Latest SQL Technology

In its never-ending quest to provide its clients with the latest and most-advanced technologies, FRS, the leading provider of software to the background screening industry, has just completed an upgrade to SQL Server 2012.  FRS is blessed to have many of the leaders in employment screening among its client base, and providing them with the most mission critical technology solutions is of vital importance.

SQL Server 2012, the latest release from Microsoft, is a cloud-ready information platform designed to efficiently protect, unlock and scale the power of an organization's data across the desktop, device, datacenter and private or public cloud.  With the tremendous growth and breadth of background screening services available to corporate America, a data explosion has occurred in the industry.  The users of FRS demand enterprise-ready Big Data solutions.   SQL Server 2012 completely fits the bill for these screening industry leaders and FRS is very pleased to take their clients' database platform to the next level.

Compliance and security are of the utmost importance to background screening organizations as their business model places them in the position as guardians of a tremendous amount of job applicant's Personally Identifiable Information (PII).   SQL Server 2012's improvements in the latest encryption technologies, superior security management in the controlled data access and complete database auditing capabilities allow FRS users to have guaranteed peace of mind in meeting their tightening security and compliance requirements.

The FRS Development Team was especially excited about upgrading FRS to SQL Server 2012.  With the newer features available in this version of SQL Server such as Business Intelligence to help companies analyze business data, an AlwaysOn high availability and uptime enhancement and a quick-query capability called ColumnStore Index, the FRS team was able to streamline the FRS data access capabilities beyond the previous speed and reliability for which FRS is well-known.  With a 20-year history of 99.999% uptime for its technology and data service, SQL Server 2012 helps FRS to maintain its status as the fastest and most reliable background screening platform available.

"Upgrading to SQL Server 2012 allows us to provide increased performance and scalability across all of our product lines.  For certain scenarios, millions of data rows can now be analyzed and processed in seconds.  This upgrade will allow us to continue to expand our capabilities in the coming years as needed", stated Leon Mayberry, FRS Strategic Services Manager.

"Advancing technology has always been the name of the game in software development.  As we develop background screening technology, the advancements must come at a break-neck pace to stay ahead of our industry requirements and ensure that our valuable clients remain ahead of their competitors. As FRS Technologists, we are very proud of this latest advancement for our clients with the release of FRS Enterprise Edition which provides updates to the latest SQL Server 2012 architecture", said Kevin Scott, FRS Manager of Systems Architecture.

As always, the FRS team realizes just how important its technology solutions are for its clients and continues striving to ensure that their client's data is accurate, protected and available.  Providing database support to the latest version of SQL Server is just one more step in this ongoing process.  The upgrade to SQL Server 2012 allows FRS to provide even more mission critical confidence to its client base.


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